Exclusive Cerrillos Turquoise

World Famous Cerrillos Turquoise

 All our Cerrillos Turquoise is now only set in Sterling Silver. 

Hand made jewelry by Todd and Patricia Brown
 available at the Cerrillos Turquoise Mining Museum and Trading Post in Cerrillos, New Mexico.

 Mosaic Earrings and Pendants 


Silver earrings with pressed chip Cerrillos turquoise


Safety-pin Key Chains: Set with Cerrillos Turquoise 


Money Clips made with Cerrillos Turquoise 

Hand Stamped Keychains with Cerrillos Turquoise 


 Pendants : Available in three sizes (S.M.L) featuring sterling silver and Cerrillos Turquoise 


Silver Zia with Cerrillos Turquoise stone 

Silver bracelets ~ single band, double band, three stone band and five stone band

Natural Cerrillos rough Turquoise pendant


Contact information:

Casa Grande Trading Post

PO Box 131 

Cerrillos, NM 87010

(505) 438-3008



 Cerrillos Turquoise Facials


Hand-cut Natural Cerrillos Turquoise Cabs 


  Polished Facial 

Collection of Natural Cerrillos Turquoise Cabs


Natural - Polished Rough - Cut Cab 

Vein Cut Cabs - A beautiful look at the natural vein and rock


 Cerrillos Turquoise Mosaic Pendant  

 Visit the Casa Grande Trading Post in Cerrillos, NM