The Best Turquoise Mine in New Mexico!
(Cerrillos, New Mexico) 

Claim # 166080 - Todd & Patricia Brown - Family owned and operated

~ The Story of the Little Chalchihuitl Turquoise Mine ~

Thirty five years ago, I was walking in a New Mexico snow storm, taking the long way home around Grand Central Mountain in the Cerrillos Mining District. I came across a vein of brilliant green stone and stopped to chip off some of the vein. I used a hammer and chisel and gathered up 2 lbs of rough natural turquoise; covered the seam and headed for home. Still dreaming of the green color turquoise I had found that day, I decided to file a mining claim with the Bureau of Land Management on that same spot I found so many years ago. My family and many of my friends have helped me work the claim. We get rare green natural turquoise which I make into cabachons and set in sterling silver to sell in our shop. The green color comes from the iron content in the stone where the Turquoise is mined.

We love the color and hope you do too!   Todd Brown

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to see our display of 100% natural Cerrillos Turquoise stones & jewelry. The Cerrillos Turquoise Mining Museum has displays on the areas rich & colorful mining history.
 Over the 35+ years we have been in business many thousands of visitors have been through our shop & museum and enjoyed the experience.
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       Todd and Patricia Brown are the registered claim holders of the 
Little Chalchihuitl Turquoise Mine in the hills of Cerrillos, New Mexico. 

The Cerrillos Mining District is home to some of the oldest, rarest and most substantial turquoise and mineral workings in North America, utilized from at least 900 AD and possibly earlier. By the 20th century, most of the Cerrillos turquoise lodes were cleaned out. Very few private claims are worked today.
Please stop by our hacienda for a closer look at exclusive natural Cerrillos Turquoise and other minerals from the area.

 "The Little Chalchihuitl is the best mine in New Mexico!" 


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Above are some of our handmade products using the exclusive Cerrillos Turquoise from our mine! If you are interested in purchasing natural cabs, small rough or some of our fine jewelry, please contact us via phone or email. 

Many examples of our work can be seen in our shop.
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   The Cerrillos mining district lies north of the town of Los Cerrillos. It is one of the nation’s oldest mining areas and is a famed source of turquoise. Mines in the district date from prehistoric to the early 1900’s. Mount Chalchihuitl is a few miles north of Cerrillos;  Turquoise Hill is 5 miles further north near the highway settlement of Lone Butte south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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